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Yes Hire again? Yes Lived up? Yes Where: Philadelphia has always had a bit of a civic inferiority complex, but there are attractions here that hold up against any and all competitors. These include the remarkable museum row on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the gorgeous Academy of Music, and the remarkably gorgeous David Anthony. Regardless he is one uber boring performer, maybe he would do better doing str8, bi or tranny porn. Gay porn is not for him, he just looks so bored and uninterested. Never bottoms, looks 55, and I don't think I've ever heard him say a word in any of his scenes.

And he works for the worst studio out there, Titan.

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Not really r15, he is very handsome, but in movies he makes no sound and no facial expressions at all, he is like a cardboard cutout. It's funny Titan used to have a policy of not working with models that did bareback porn and now it seems like half their models do it for other companies.

His porn name is his real first and middle names, just dropped the last name. Still works in corporate America in addition to despite the porn career. Not sure what he claims his age to be these days, but graduated high school in You do the math. Does Titan hire positive performers?

There's a guy in a video with Jesse Jackman named Dallas Steele that looks kind of rough in the face. No wonder gay men continue to have high rates of HIV and STD infection while almost all other groups' infections are steeply declining. Choosing to have sex with any porn star is a bad, unhealthy decision, let alone a Titan performer. Titan models essentially look a cesspool of HIV infection.

Gay men need to learn how to be more sane and selective in their sexual behavior. Sick choices. Handsome guy, and I haven't seen much of him, but the couple things I have seen his hard-on was kind of soft. R28, is he married with a family? The corporate job must not pay too well if he is doing something he obviously doesn't enjoy and has zero interest in.

He is a good example of why only gay men should do gay porn. All these gay 4 pay and bisexual guys are just so bad at it. R36 why are you obsessed over whether he is bisexual which you've already decided is a fact. Go away. I thought, damn, I'd like to see him do gay porn, and voila! There's an interview out there, with Dean Flynn I think.


Anyway, when asked if David was a top or bottom IRL, he simply answered that he liked it all. Adam Champ too. Given how sad and small his dick is, I'm surprised he hasn't given up that fat ass on camera yet. I don't think he's a Titan Exclusive anymore. R47 Ray Dragon's site doesn't do bareback, so-- no. And there must be some agreement between Titan and Dragon, as Dragon often features Titan exclusives.

Titan and Ray Dragon are garbage studios anyway.

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I assume the only people who keep these studios afloat are the geriatric and nursing home community. A lot of the Ray Dragon regulars also seem to do bareback porn for other studious so that's why I wondered. R52 Sure, compared to most sites they are garbage, but especially those 2 you mentioned. But, not just because of their age but because the sex itself is just not hot whatsoever. It must be made for ancient gays on their death bed because I don't know who they think condom porn appeals to or wants to watch, much less pay for.

I think Ray Dragon is connected with Titan because they both use Joe Gage to direct their terrible movies. I really like Jasun Mark but he needs a better caliber of performer to work with A lot of those guys they use now do seem to have that long term pos look that they try to hide with copious steroid and filler use. Any truth to the rumor Titan might eventually go bareback, especially since so many of their performers have been caught barebacking on video?

If you look at Titan's promotional photos they are posed to look like the top is about to put his raw cock in the bottom's ass, so I'm sure they're testing "or not testing" the waters. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

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