What does bb stand for in gay dating

Sounds good. A3 What it means: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. ASAP What it means: As soon as possible.


J4T What it means: Just for today. Seriously, this is a one time thing unless you are really hot. Not much here, just chilling.

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ZZZ What it means: Sleeping, bored, tired. REHI What it means: Hi, again.

What means BB in Grindr? What does bareback gay sex?

You abruptly disappeared earlier. Where did you go? Please talk to me. YOYO What it means: Bye, Felicia!

Digital Dating Abbreviations, Acronyms & Slang Terms

Fuck off. AMF What it means: Adios motherfucker.

Know any others? Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of abbreviations cellphone communication stories and more 38 Comments Kick Emerson These are almost all new to me. I have never seen a majority of these like ever. I find it hard to believe anyone is still using that. Dumb and pessimistic.

I never get rejected like that. Thank you! Who is this Felicia everyone keeps talking about? A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife.


Queer sex slang: Know it or beware

So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. Smiley Faces and Emoticons 3. Online Auction and Classified Ad abbreviations 4. Online Personals Abbreviations 5. Twitter Chat Dictionary 6. Guide to Forum Etiquette 7.

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    Now I'll get laid. PNP unknown.

    Grindr in Real Life

    Acronym for "Party N Play. N Play refers to the marathon sex that follows after you're all jacked up on speed and want to "Play" all night. Looking to PNP with Tina. Looking for guys who want to PNP with me all night.


    Used in chat rooms as the adreviation for " Party and Play ". To meet have sex and alcohol or other drug. Lets meet tomorrow at 2pm for PnP.